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dental care

Dental health is as important to our companion animals as it is to us. Many animals can suffer from loss of appetite and other complications from tartar and gingivitis and this condition can progress to periodontal disease. We offer dental chews, toothpaste and toothbrushes for our pets as a means of prevention. If your pet should develop any dental problems, Our practice is fully equipped to perform dental prophylaxis, digital dental radiography, and tooth extraction.

dental prodcedureDental Care

Just like human dentists, ultrasonic scalers are used to remove tartar from teeth as well as
below the gumline. Tartar below the gum line leads to dental infections, decay, and the gum
disease gingivitis, which can be painful and lead to tooth and bone loss. Imagine how your
teeth would feel if you never brushed them or went to the dentist. The risk of gingivitis and
periodontal disease is the same for animals as it is for people.

dental careWhat to Expect

During your pet’s dental cleaning, not only are you able to remove tartar and address and tooth decay, but your pet’s mouth will also be examined for signs of gum disease, oral cancers, and disorders of the tongue and larynx. Caring for your pet's teeth is important to prevent pain, minimize bacteria and infections, and keep your pet healthy and happy. Call us today to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning!

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