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Acupuncture for Your Pets

If your dog or cat has arthritis, allergies, digestive issues, hip dysplasia, or certain neurological disorders, ask us if acupuncture is the right treatment for them.

The ancient Chinese practice is often recommended as a complement to conventional veterinary treatments such as medication and surgery.

Research shows that acupuncture can help reduce pain and inflammation and improve a pet's quality of life.

During a session, our veterinary acupuncturist will insert thin needles into areas such as muscles, tendons, fascia, and nerve fibers to ease symptoms by altering the perception of pain or stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain.

This alternative therapy, while effective, may not be right for every pet. Acute conditions such as infections or pets that might not cooperate when needles are inserted and remain still during the 20-minute sessions.

Massaging trigger points -- called acupressure -- can be a good alternative for pets that dislike needles. In addition, laser therapy, a noninvasive treatment that uses light to improve blood circulation and regenerate cells, is an option for pets with significant pain.

We are a licensed acupuncture veterinary clinic. Acupuncture for pets is catching on, many pet owners don’t know much about it. Acupuncture can provide another way to help our pets and improve their conditions that complements the treatments we're providing with Western medicine.

Talk to us today if Acupuncture is the right treatment for your pet.

Acupuncture Chart for Dogs