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  • Get Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Vaccine today!
    Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a usually fatal viral disease endemic to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Until recently the United States was largely free of this disease, but a rapidly moving Read more
  • COVID-19 Update
    Dear Pet Parents,As news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community continues to develop, we are monitoring the situation closely. At this time, our hospital remains open and is operating Read more
  • Seven Things Every Pet Owner Needs to Know about Dog Flu
    Dear Pet Parent: Dog flu is on the rise nationwide.  We are committed to providing up to date information about pet care.  Please see below for 7 things every pet owner Read more
  • Pet Rabbits and Toxins
    Sometimes pet rabbits eat or chew on things that can make them sick. Below are listed some of the more common toxins we see rabbits exposed to. Please note that Read more
  • Friggin Foxtails
    Migrating Foreign Bodies As the dog days of summer approach and lush spring grasses go to seed, plant awn foreign bodies can cause many problems as they become lodged in ears, Read more
  • Heartworms - Just Another Reason to Hate Mosquitoes
    Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease. It is spread only by mosquitoes and all dogs are at risk. It is caused by foot-long worms (heartworms) that live Read more
  • MLS Laser Therapy Benefits
    MLS Laser Therapy Benefits The Animal Hospital of Soquel is proud to now offer Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy. MLS technology delivers both continuous and pulsed wavelengths that together reduce Read more
  • Discouraging Egg Laying in Pet Birds
    Discouraging Egg Laying in Pet Birds Parrots in the wild do not lay eggs unless they have a mate and a suitable nesting site. In captivity, however, some parrots will lay Read more
  • Pet Pains
    Pet Pains The other day as I was looking into the mirror wondering who that old fart was, then as I turned to leave was reminded it was me as my Read more
  • The Exotics Corner
    The Exotics Corner Q: Is it normal for my reptile to become inactive and not eat during the winter? Does it mean that he needs to hibernate? A: Think twice before letting Read more
  • FLEAS: Evil blood suckers that are not just a summer problem...
    FLEAS: Evil blood suckers that are not just a summer problem... They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they can be a real nightmare to get rid of. Fleas are not just a Read more
  • Bad Kitty Syndrome II
    Bad Kitty Syndrome II Having previously written about behavior problems with kitties and then participating recently in a seminar about the same, I thought I would share some ideas. Most of Read more
  • Bad Kitty Syndrome
    Bad Kitty Syndrome Cats have a very strong instinct to keep their presence in an area secret. They do this by covering up their waste products. Potty training a cat is Read more
  • Help! My Pet was Bitten by a Raccoon!
    Help! My Pet was Bitten by a Raccoon! Rabies is one of the more deadly viruses that can be transmitted to our pets and people. Luckily, since the formulation of the Read more
  • External Parasites in Rabbits
    External Parasites in Rabbits Fleas, ticks, mites, lice, and fly larvae can all cause skin problems in rabbits. Safely preventing and eliminating these parasites from your rabbit is important for your Read more
  • What’s the deal with pet insurance?
    What’s the deal with pet insurance? Many of us who have pets want to ensure that they are getting the highest-quality care available in veterinary medicine. As we would with our Read more