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Get Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Vaccine today!

Rabbit Hemorraghic Disease Vaccine
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a usually fatal viral disease endemic to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Until recently the United States was largely free of this disease, but a rapidly moving outbreak has now spread to Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Mexico, and California. The virus is affecting domestic rabbits, cottontail rabbits, and jackrabbits, and is being spread quickly by birds of prey and other predators.
Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus causes liver necrosis, which in turn leads to abnormal clotting and death. Some infected rabbits die suddenly without prior symptoms, while others develop the classic signs of fever, lethargy, and abnormal bleeding. There is no cure for this disease, and affected rabbits usually die or are left with permanent liver damage. The virus is very stable and can persist for months both indoors and outdoors, which makes preventing exposure difficult.
Because Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is new to the United States there is currently no vaccine against it available domestically. We are one of the first veterinary clinics in California to import the vaccine from Europe. Unfortunately supplies of the vaccine are limited at this time, so please call us right away to reserve doses for your bunnies!

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